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Terrier Pawsitively Purrfect Spa Treatments
Add these beneficial Spa Treatments to your full service package for the ultimate in pet pampering. Both you and your pet will love the results!
Tiny Puppy
$5.00 Re-moisturizing soak: We pack the skin and coat with this thick, rich formula that features silk proteins, extract of royal jelly, sea kelp and primrose, to name a few. Micro encapsulated, so it works long after the rinse!

$9.00 Medicated skin soak: This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo kills the germs and yeasts that wreak havoc on your pet's skin, making him itchy and smelly. Powerfully effective!

Himalayan $5.00 Herbal skin therapy: 100% pure, these rich extracts of potent healing herbs are stored in cobalt glass bottles and added fresh to your pet's shampoo for maximum effectiveness, unlike premixed formulas that time has rendered ineffective. The herbals are allowed to soak in for up to 10 minutes. This is skin soothing of the finest caliber! Choose one or more herbs from the table below:

$15.00 Natural flea treatment: The essence of 12 oils, including sesame, orange, grape, garlic and peanut. Kills adult fleas safely without the use of harmful pesticides. Can also be used on pets that use flea spot-on products.

$7.00 Teeth brushing: The rest of him smells and looks good, why shouldn't his teeth? Meat flavored formula means he'll think he's getting a treat!

Problem hair repair prorated at $60-$90/hour.
We can:

    Detangle snarls and light mats
    Thin a thick, wooly coat
    Reduce shedding hairs
Hair Dryer Lisa's Brush
Herb Shelf
Herb List
$30.00 Soft paws rubber nail caps: Lasts weeks or even months, for dogs and cats.

$10.00 Nail polish: Color coordinate her nails to match her bandana or bows! Lots of fun!

$7.00 Nail filing: Removes those sharp edges left after trimming.

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